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Straightforward approach to debt collection:

We do not claim to be miracle workers. What we do pledge is that competent, experienced people will put in an honest effort on each account you place with us. Thorough, reliable, professional debt collection services with proven results is what you can count on from CCA.

Specialists in debt

collections for landlords:

Since 1984, we have provided collection services for thousands of Colorado land­lords -- everyone from the largest property management companies, to owners of a single rental unit. This is not a secondary line of business for us. It is our most important business, and we try to do it better than anyone else in town.

 No hidden fees, upfront costs or long-term commitments:

We keep a percentage of the amount collected -- if we do not collect there is never a charge to you. We pay for the lawyer and all costs of the lawsuits. 'And if you do not like our company you can stop sending us accounts at any time.

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