Straightforward approach to debt collection:

We do not claim to be miracle workers. What we do pledge is that competent, experienced people will put in an honest effort on each account you place with us. Thorough, reliable, professional debt collection services with proven results is what you can count on from CCA.

Specialists in debt

collections for landlords:

Since 1984, we have provided collection services for thousands of Colorado land­lords -- everyone from the largest property management companies, to owners of a single rental unit. This is not a secondary line of business for us. It is our most important business, and we try to do it better than anyone else in town.

 No hidden fees, upfront costs or long-term commitments:

We keep a percentage of the amount collected -- if we do not collect there is never a charge to you. We pay for the lawyer and all costs of the lawsuits. 'And if you do not like our company you can stop sending us accounts at any time.


We retain a percentage of the amount we collect and send the rest to you. There are no other charges for our services. If we file a lawsuit, we pay the fees for filing in court, process servers and attorneys. If we are unable to collect, there is no charge to you.

For clients who intend to place a large volume of accounts, and in some other circumstances, we have special rates that may be available. You must contact our office to discuss with us if a lower rate may be available for your business.

Our basic starting commission rate for most landlords and other small businesses is 35% of the amount collected. The remaining 65% is sent to our client. If we are unable to persuade the consumer to pay voluntarily, and we must commence a collection lawsuit in order to successfully collect the debt, our percentage would increase at the point to 48% of the amount collected. We also offer a simple flat rate commission of 43% that does not vary under any circumstances. You can choose which commission you prefer by signing the appropriate Agency Agreement below. Here is additional information on how to evaluate the cost of collection services.


Before we can begin to collect a debt for you we must have on file an Agency Agreement that sets out our working relationship. Signing our agency agreement does not obligate you to place accounts with us for collection. Rather, the agreement provides that if you do choose to send us an account, we will collect it pursuant to the terms of our Agency Agreement.

Simply choose whether you prefer our standard 35% rate that increases if a lawsuit is filed here or the flat rate of 43% here. List the exact company name at the top of the agreement, sign and date at the bottom and send it to our office, either by itself or with the documents we need to start a collection action. (see below)


Additional information on how we process and collect accounts can be found here.


We have several documents that contain information for landlords and we have some forms that may be useful.

How to Minimize Bad Debt Loss

Liquidated Damages in Leases

Security Deposit Disposition Form

Rental Application


Once we have an Agency Agreement on file, you may send us account for collection whenever the need arises. For each account you wish for us to collect, we need to have a signed Collection Assignment Form and documentation of the debt.

For landlord claims against former tenants:

See our list of documents needed here. Please use this Collection Assignment Form.

For claims from merchants and service providers who were not paid in full for goods sold or services provided:

Documentation needed can be found here. The Collection Assignment Form to be used can be found here.

For a claim based upon a Promissory Note or other defaulted loan agreement:

Documentation needed is found here and the Collection Assignment Form is here

For claims from a Homeowner's Associations for unpaid dues and assessments:

Documentation needed is found here and the Collection Assignment Form is here.

For a claim on which a court judgment has already been obtained:

And you wish for us to collect the judgement, documentation needed is here and Collection Assignment Form is here.